West Bay Peanuts is a commissioned peanut buying point operating under a multi-year agreement with Golden Peanut Co. based in Alpharetta, GA. The facility is located in the Wilmer, Alabama community in Mobile County, approximately two miles from the Alabama-Mississippi state line. The business was founded in 2000 by a group of peanut growers and processors from Alabama and Mississippi and has now grown to become one of the largest facilities of its kind in the United States.

The very latest in peanut processing, drying and cleaning technology is employed so that large tonnage can be received during the critical 10 week harvest season keeping the grower’s own in-field harvesting activities on schedule, weather permitting. The grower’s peanuts are handled by West Bay from the time they are loaded in the field into our semi trailers through the various cleaning, drying, and grading processes on site until they are transferred into a large bulk storage warehouse.

In addition, all processing systems on site are implemented with food safety and employee safety emphasized.

The company has over 200 semi trailers, three semi dumping facilities with high speed elevator systems, de-stoners, shakers, and overhead storage assets. In addition, a 10,000 ton bulk storage warehouse is located on site. Four USDA certified peanut samplers and two sets of truck scales are employed as well to further maximize peanut processing speed.

Once the peanuts leave our facility, they continue up the supply chain to peanut shelling facilities where the product is shelled, sorted, and sized to ultimately end up at major peanut product manufacturers in the United States and abroad.

West Bay is a critically important link in the supply chain that stretches from the peanut field to the grocery store and then ultimately to your kitchen cabinet.


Justin Straub, Manager

Office Phone: 251-645-2867

Address: 14155 Driskell Loop Road, South
Wilmer, AL. 36587